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DIY Wool Dryer Ball Tutorial

Wool dryer balls are a great natural alternative to traditional store bought dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls are 100% natural and have no nasty chemicals!

  • Reduces drying time by bumping around and helping to pull the clothes apart with their weight.

  • Keeps the clothes from bunching, causing for more even heat flow.

  • Works to reduce static and lint.

  • None of the horrible chemicals!

You can add a few drops of essential oils to the wool balls to add a wonderful natural scent to your clothes! lets get started!

Step 1

Make sure to purchase 100% wool or it won't work right... I accidentally got 100% cotton the first time and it did not work! 😖😓 also make sure the wool is recommended for hand wash so it will felt properly I bought two 3.5oz packages at my local craft store and with a coupon I spent less than $10. Those two packages made 3 large dryer balls a little smaller than softball size. You can also make 4 medium tennis ball size dryer balls if you would prefer that instead. You generally only need 2-3 large balls per load of clothes so that made enough for my house. 😄😄😄

Step 2

​Make a few little loops and wrap around those loops and just keep wrapping!

Step 3 Keep wrapping! You want the balls to be between tennis ball and softball size. I made this my "Netflix and chill" 😂😂😂 I just watched my favorite show while I kept wrapping! I found it took me about 5-10 minutes per dryer ball so really no big deal! I also made some for a friend while I was at it 😉

Step 4 ​Once they are the size you want. Make sure to tie off the dryer balls really well! Otherwise they can come unraveled later on when you wash them... ​I used a crochet needle to help me tie it off better!

Step 5 Put them snugly inside one leg of 100% nylon panty hose (I got mine for $1 at Walmart). Tie a knot between each ball. Cut off any extra panty hose.

Step 6

Add the panty hose to your washing machine with a few clean towels. It works best to do a warm/hot wash than cold rinse. Wash and dry 2-3 times until they felt and don't come apart. You will know they have felted when you can run your nail across the top and it doesn't separate. Do Not Use Laundry Detergent! Done!!! 😍😍😍

Recommended Essential Oils :

  • Lavender.

  • Peppermint

  • Orange

  • Christmas Spirit (YL Blend)

Really any oil you like the fragrance of! Make sure to use 100% pure essential oils!

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