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DIY Charcoal Facial Scrub aka Tarte Frixxxtion Stick Dupe

When I worked at Sephora they gave us a deluxe sample of the Tarte Frixxxtion stick and I fell in love with it! I have bought multiple since. Since I loved that one so much I also branched out and tried a few other good charcoal facial scrubs (Physicians Formula makes a great one) but my favorite is still the Tarte Frixxtion Stick! $22 a piece sadly my mom budget doesn't love it as much as I do...

But as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery! So I set my mind to making my own affordable but still affective dupe. It took many batches to get it the way I wanted but after much trial and error I finally perfected my recipe! I hope you try it out and love it as much as I do. I’ll link my YouTube video below for anyone who wants to see a step by step how to video.

DIY Charcoal Facial Scrub Recipe.


1 Tbs Raw African Black Soap.

1 Tbs Shea Butter.

2 Tbs Liquid African Black Soap.

1 Tbs Charcoal Powder.

10 Drops Essential Oils Of Your Choice (Optional) Lavender or Tea Tree work great!


1. Melt the first 3 ingredients together until soft. It doesn’t need to be fully melted. Just soft!

2. Add in the EOs (optional)

3. Add the charcoal powder and mix well with a plastic utensil. It is important not to use ANY metal with the recipe as it will make the charcoal less affective. So plastic or glass utensils only!

4. Add to container and your done!

I’ll link to where I got my container and ingredients below!

You can download this label PDF for free on my website at the link below

The raw and liquid african black soap plus the shea butter I was sent from Rise ‘N Shine. They make wonderful products and even reached out and offered me a code for Y’all! So the next time you need something make sure to use the code “Holistic10” to save 10% on your order!

I got these wonderful pushup containers on amazon. They are great for so many recipes!

The charcoal powder I got from Whole Foods

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