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Diluting Essential Oils Safely

Why Dilute Essential Oils?

Essential oils naturally evaporate rather quickly. Using a good carrier oil will help insure that your skin absorbs as much of the oil as possible. Diluting an essential oil doesn't make it less potent, it just helps the oil absorb more affectively into your skin in order to get the full benefits. Diluting is also very important for “hot” oils as they can irritate the skin if applied neat. As a general rule make sure to dilute essential oils before applying for the first time to see how your skin reacts to that individual oil. It is also very important to dilute properly on babies & children as their skin is more delicate than adults and will absorb the oils more quickly, sometimes causing irritation.

Note: This chart is not 100% exact. I can’t really tell you to measure out 3/4th of a drop so I had to round up sometimes. Depending on the size of the orifice in the lid of your bottles, your drops might be slightly bigger/smaller than mine. Just something to be aware of!


I generally don't recommend oils on babies less than 4-6 weeks old. Consult a trained professional about your unique situation before using essential oils on babies younger than 4-6 weeks.

Ages 1-12 Months: 1% Dilution

Ages 1-3 Years: 1-2% Dilution

Ages 3-8 Years: 1-3% Dilution

Ages 8-12 Years: 1-5% Dilution

Note: Some oils like lavender may be diluted less for specific recipes or natural remedies. While some hot oils like clove or peppermint need to be carefully diluted to avoid irritation. Make sure to do your research and/or contact a trained professional before using a higher percentage on your children.

To learn which oils are safe for each age group plus so much more, check out my new book!

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