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DIY Lipstick Infused with Young Living Essential Oils

This recipe has been a lot of fun to play around with! I love being able to pick the exact color combos I want plus I love knowing exactly what is in the lipstick. Which is definitely nice peace of mind considering we basically straight eat our lipstick 💄😂 (seriously don’t google the average amount of lipstick a women ends up consuming over the’s gross...😓) It is also surprisingly easy to make your own as long as you follow a few simple steps. So let’s get right into it!


DIY Lipstick Recipe


1 Tsp Shea Butter

1 Tsp Cocoa Butter

1/2 Tsp Beeswax

15 Drops Argan Oil

7 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

1/2 Tsp Cosmetic Grade Mica (Lip Safe)


1. Add the first 4 ingredients to a glass jar and melt (check out my blog on the Easy Melt technique if you need help getting it to melt)

2. Once fully melted add in the essential oils and stir well.

3. Next add in the Mica pigment of your choice. I’ll list a few that I’ve done myself below.

4. While the mixture is still warm and liquid carefully pour into your oiled mold.

5. Let sit in the fridge for 5-15 minutes to harden. It will make it easier to slide the empty lipstick tube around it.

6. Make sure your carefully pushing the lipstick tube down centered. That way it can unscrew without scrapping the sides of the tube.

7. Your done! Watch my YouTube video to see step by step how it’s made 💖 (Coming soon!)

Helpful Info:

If using a lipstick mold always make sure to lightly oil the sides with a carrier oil so the lipstick wont get stuck (I learned this the hard way 😓). I purchased a lipstick mold from Amazon. The 2 hole ones are less than $20 and the 4 hole one that I got was less than $25. I didn’t mind making the investment since I wanted them to LOOK like lipstick and I knew I’d be making a bunch over time. But dont feel pressured into getting one. You can definitely pour into any container you want and just use your finger to apply. If you are pouring into a container I’d cut the beeswax in half. As it doesn’t need to be as solid as a stick needs to be.

Also just a fair warning... So far I’ve traveled with these several times and had no issues with them melting or breaking in my purse in any way. That being said Texas does get very hot during the summer... so I’ll keep you updated on if I have any issues with melting or the shape warping when the weather does get warm again. But just keep in mind that since it is a natural product it may be more likely to melt in a hot car.


Favorite Color Combos

Light Pink Nude - I used Pink Watermelon to create a fun pink nude shade that is very wearable.


Deep Pink/Red - Red Strawberry makes a beautiful pink/red shade. It’s a little more dramatic but definitely fun.


Deep gold glow - I used mostly Red Strawberry with a good dash of Gold Shimmer and just a little bit of Black Shimmer. I love the way it turned out. Definitely more of a date night shade 🥰


I always use Stardust Micas for my pigments. They are cosmetic grade and wonderful quality! They were also kind enough to send many of these colors to me which I definitely appreciate as it helps me to test and make more content for y‘all! So go follow them and show them some love 💗 (tell em I sent ya 😉)

Get their pigments here 👇🏻

Also a thank you to Rise ‘N Shine for sending me the Shea, Cocoa Butter, and Argan Oil 💖💖💖 You can use my code “Holistic10” to save money on their website! 🎉

Lipstick Mold that I use 👇🏻

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