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DIY Loose Highlighter & Blush Recipe - Non Toxic Cosmetics

Updated: Jan 31

If I'm being honest Sephora is my happy place (I even worked there for awhile) I love all the colors, textures, and smells. But again with the honesty...I often don't love the ingredients 🫠 Many ingredients have been linked to hormone disruption, just to name one problem. Because of that I often make my own cosmetics when possible. Some things are actually very easy to make and I love being able to customize the colors. Today I want to share my most recent recipes and show you how easy it is to make your own loose powder highlighter & blush. Please let me know if you have any questions

Cosmetic Base:

1 Tbs Bentonite Clay

1 Tbs Arrowroot Powder

3 Drops Lavender EO (Optional)

Mix well. We will use this mixture for both the highlighter and blush.

Highlighter Recipe.


1/4 Tsp Just Mica.

1/4 Tsp Stardust Pearl.

1/4 Tsp Golden Guava.

3/4 Tsp Cosmetic Base.


Just mix the ingredients together and that's it! It's really that simple.

Blush Recipe.


1/4 Tsp Red Strawberry.

1/4 Tsp Pink Watermelon.

3/4 Tsp Cosmetic Base.


Again just mix all ingredients together and your done!

Step By Step Video 👇🏻


I will admit these don't stay put on the skin as long as some of my favorite high end brands. Because of that I recommend setting with a setting spray to help ensure it lasts all day.

These color combinations work wonderfully for me but they may not work for all skin tones so I highly recommend playing around with different colors to come up with what works best for your skin tone.

I almost always get my micas from Stardust Micas. They have beautiful cosmetic grade micas. They also have safety labels making it very clear which colors are safe for different uses. Look for the ones labeled safe for face and eyes. Some of their micas are meant to be used in things like resin and are not safe for cosmetics so just make sure you are checking the labels if you get different colors from the ones listed in this recipe.

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