DIY Liquid Highlighter Recipe 🎉🥰✨

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

DIY Liquid Highlighter! 🎉🥰✨

When I worked at Sephora I fell in love with the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops! My favorite shade is celestial 😍 i just love the way it looks!!

I knew it would be a challenge but when I started making my own DIY Dupes I knew I had to try to make my favorite liquid highlighter! It took many tests to get the color and consistency right but after much trial and error I am very proud with what I came up with! I have really been loving the recipe and I love knowing that it contains so many skin loving ingredients 😍The one thing I will say is that since it is a more natural product it doesn’t last as long (alone it lasts about 6-8 hours instead of 12+) But when I’ve set it with a good setting spray (which I normally do anyways) than it lasts 12+ hours! So I’d just recommend using a setting spray after applying 💕


4.5 Tsp Serum of your choice.

1 Tsp Stardust Pearl from Stardust Micas

3/4th Tsp Golden Guava from Stardust Micas 💕

Notes 📝

In a perfect world Mica pigment should be weighed out in grams for accuracy but I didn’t have a way to do that. So when testing it in small batches I measured equal parts of both shades and it came out perfectly. But when mixing up the full 30ml it turned out a little pinker than when I tested it. But that’s okay! I just added another 1/4th Tsp of Stardust Pearl to make it frostier looking 😍It turned out perfect 😍 as a general rule of thumb I use 3 parts Serum to 1 part Mica. But if you end up using a little more or less Mica that’s okay too! As long as you don’t stray to much the consistency will still be great 👍🏻 Also any Serum that doesn’t have a strong color should work for this recipe but I would recommend making a small batch first with the 3 to 1 ratio to test it out to make sure the consistency is right 💕if you want the exact Serum I used I’ll list it below 👇🏻

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I hope you enjoy! 💕💕💕🎊💕💕💕

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Where to get the ingredients 🎉

You can get these beautiful Mica powders on amazon from Stardust Micas. For a full list of colors and to purchase check here 👇🏻 *

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Thank you so much to Stardust Micas for sending these beautiful Mica powders to me! I appreciate it 💕

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