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DIY Shimmering Body Oil

So for those of you that don’t know...I love to sparkle 😂😅✨ No shame in it. I am 26 and still in love with glitter 🤷🏻‍♀️ My obsession with sparkle and glitter made me fall in love with the Fenty Body Lava in Trophy Wife (Wasn‘t Ri Ri looking AMAZING wearing it in her insta posts btw?!?)

Well as they say... Imitation is the highest form of flattery! I really wanted to do my best to recreate the gorgeous golden color and glow. After many tests I eventually came up with this recipe ✨

I hope you love it as much as I do! 💕

YouTube Video Here 👇🏻

Visit my Instagram for video swatch of what it looks like on the skin 💕

Recipe 👇🏻


2.5 Tbs Castor Oil

1 Tbs Argan Oil

1-2 Tsp Cosmetic Grade Mica

I used 1 Tsp Just Mica & 3/4th Tsp Queens Gold to create this color but you could really use any colors you want 💕


You can also use any combination of carrier oil you personally want to use. Jojoba or sweet almond oil would work great, just to name a couple. 💕

Also the exact amount of carrier oil you use is really up to you. Use more and it will be more subtle, less oil and the pigment will pop more. It really is just a personal preference and a little more or less is not going to really affect it much. The main focus is getting the combination of micas the color you want. I wanted this to have a golden hue but be very sparkly! To create that I added a little more of the shade Just Mica (which is basically a colorless sparkle) vs the golden shade Queens Gold. in my opinion that gave it the perfect amount of color and sparkle 💕✨

Remember to shake the mixture each time before using! ✨

If you recreate this recipe please tag me in the picture! I will probably even reshare on my Instagram/FB! 😉💕

You can get these beautiful Mica powders on amazon from Stardust Micas.

For a full list of colors and link to purchase click here 👇🏻

To learn more about Stardust Micas click here 👇🏻

Thank you so much to Stardust Micas for sending these beautiful Mica powders to me! I appreciate it so much!!! 💕

Get the Castor Oil & Argan Oil here! 👇🏻💕

you can use my code “Holistic10” to save 10% on their website!

Container is from GrandParfums on Etsy!

To contact me 👇🏻



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