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Pasture Raised vs Cage Free Eggs

Do You Know The Difference?

I know when most people see the label “Cage Free” they understandably assume the chickens are free to roam and are humanly kept. But sadly the term “Cage Free” is really just very clever marketing! As you can see from the bottom picture the chickens are not even close to “Free” so let’s dive a little deeper to learn the best 🥚option 🐓🥰

Let’s take a moment to check out the definitions of “Pasture Raised” vs “Cage Free” eggs

Pasture Raised 👇🏻

These chickens are given at least 108 square feet each and consume some feed and lots of grass, bugs, worms and anything else they can find in the dirt. They tend to be let out of the barns early in the morning and called back in before nightfall.

Pastured-raised hens also produce more nutritious eggs. Research has found that one pasture-raised egg contains twice as much omega-3 fat, three times more vitamin D, four times more vitamin E and seven times more beta-carotene than eggs from hens raised on traditional feed.

Cage-Free 👇🏻

These chickens have more room than caged hens but each is given less than 1 square foot. I think we can all agree they are not entirely “free” since they’re confined to tight spaces in barns and consume a corn or soy diet 😢😔

I wouldn’t call that much of a life... 😔

In conclusion I think we can all agree that Pasture Raised eggs are a much better option 💕humanly speaking and nutritiously also. It’s just all around a better option 🐓🥚💕

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Photos are not my own. They are from google 💕

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